Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit: A Class Action

transvaginal mesh lawsuitTransvaginal mesh lawsuits are continuing to line up in court against the manufacturers of these defective devices. In a continued effort for justice, lawyers across the US are striving to help any woman who has been a victim of a Transvaginal mesh implant.

Transvaginal mesh implants caused numerous complications in patients suffering from stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse disorders. These conditions developed due to the weakening of pelvic muscles over time. Women are now filing Transvaginal mesh lawsuits to address issues of the implants inability to manage these disorders.

History of the Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

In 2005, the medical manufacturer Bard Avaulta, was approved to produce and market Transvaginal mesh implants. The Food and Drug Administration is the organization responsible for approving new medical devices and drugs before they are released onto the market. There are certain procedures followed by the FDA in order to approve or deny manufacturing and production. New devices should undergo rigorous testing prior to release; however, there is a system of approval that does not require products to be formally reviewed for safety. This system is called the 510 (k) by the FDA. Unfortunately, it has caused many controversies in the US because of faulty products being introduced to the public without thorough testing.

Companies opt to follow the fast track approval system provided by the administration in order to start selling their products to the public as soon as possible after innovation. However, a requirement is that they must alert the public of any potential damages or side effects the product can cause before any sales are done. This step protects the public from manufacturers out to sell faulty products for their own gain.

Since companies usually preform their own preliminary tests, they are usually aware of the potential harm products such as Transvaginal mesh implants can cause to a patient. Thus, they have no excuse if they sell potentially harmful devices without prior notice to the public. If they do so, the public can call for mass action through a lawsuit. This mass action is also called a class action lawsuit. It requires several plaintiffs to come forward and lodge their complaints with the courts so that judges can unanimously agree on a uniform way to deal with the litigation.

However, cases are heard on an individual basis and the compensation the plaintiff receives is dependent upon the injuries sustained. It is therefore important to contact experienced attorneys to represent you in order to get maximum compensation.

Unfortunately, Bard Avaulta, among several other companies such as Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary, Ethicon, went ahead and distributed the Transvaginal mesh device for sale immediately after the FDA approval.

Later in 2008 and recently in 2011, the FDA issued an alert to the public over the harmful nature of the device. The governing body asked patients to consider other options before deciding on the transvaginal mesh implants. This led to the beginning of transvaginal mesh lawsuits.

What the Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Can Do For You

A Transvaginal mesh lawsuit can change your life for the better. You will soon be able to afford and receive quality health care if you qualify to file. Because you were unknowingly put at risk, you deserve access to proper health care to manage side effects of the implants and resources to enable you to find an alternative to the faulty solution offered by the manufacturing companies.

The only way to begin the road to financial recovery is to get an attorney who is experienced in litigating against defective medical device manufacturers adequately represent you. Such an attorney will convince the court why you should receive full compensation for the damage, pain, tears and follow up surgeries you might have gone through after the first implant of this device.

Once the court is convinced that you indeed require compensation, you will be free to seek out any professional health care provider to manage your condition and if possible, reverse the damage caused by your Transvaginal mesh device.

Hopefully with the help of the lawsuit, you will have the means necessary to have the procedures performed that would allow you to return to a healthy, productive life. Complications from the device should cease upon removal and your initial ailments can be treated with alternate therapy.

The Public’s Role in The Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

If you feel that your condition may have been worsened by implantation with a Transvaginal mesh device you should seek legal counsel to learn about your options. In order for a class action lawsuit to be classified as one, several plaintiffs should be present as evidence of the faulty nature of the device.

The court grants justice in accordance with the evidence presented. It is therefore important for you, the plaintiff to come forward and see if you qualify to represent the injured and affected people throughout the country. You will also get the chance to have a wrong done to you by these companies corrected in court.

By so doing, you also help to control any future products from being released prematurely without adequate testing or warnings issued to the public. Making the risks of defective products known to the public can improve millions of lives.

How Soon is Your Action Required in The Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit?

Because the Transvaginal mesh lawsuits are consolidated in Georgia and West Virginia, pretrial discussions are possible. In October, trials against companies that manufacture Transvaginal mesh will be lining up. It is important that you be counted among plaintiffs so that your case can be heard early and you can manage your health as soon as possible without letting the situation get out of hand. Act before it is too late to save your health. The earlier you do so, the better your outcome may be.

The Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit: Why Choose Us?

We are a company with reputed product injury attorneys who are qualified to get you maximum compensation for damages and losses caused by Transvaginal mesh implants. The goal of our attorneys is to get you a fair amount of compensation. Do not gamble with your health, contact us today and become part of the group of plaintiffs who have been adequately compensated by the responsible companies. Call us today or complete the form on this page to begin the process of filing your Transvaginal mesh lawsuit .


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